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Jury consultants offer game-changing trial expertise based upon decades of scientific research about how juries make decisions. Our Web Jury Consulting service brings litigators valuable feedback from the top jury consultants in the nation, at a fraction of the typical cost. Use our one-hour service to improve your case outcome in a complex case or prepare specific questions for multiple smaller cases.

We have procured an exclusive arrangement with DecisionQuest to offer a limited number of one-hour consultations at a discounted rate made available to you only through Litigator Technology. Web Jury Consulting brings the expertise of the nation’s number one jury consulting firm to every lawyer who wants it.

“We’re thrilled that the partnership with Litigator Technology makes our services more accessible than ever,” said Dr. Philip K. Anthony, CEO of DecisionQuest. “Jury consulting is invaluable to securing a strong advantage in the courtroom; the amount of information you can glean to help your client in one hour can truly make the difference in your case outcome.”



JuryStar for iPad

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“I had an opportunity to start using JuryStar 2.0, and the update is phenomenal. I honestly believe any attorney not using JuryStar is starting off behind the 8 ball.” -Travis S., a criminal defense attorney in Hawaii for 20 years

“Jury Star 2.0 is head and shoulders above any other app or program for selecting juries. JuryStar 2.0 is practical, much more flexible and user friendly.” -Lary Sisson, Mimura Law Office

“I am a trial lawyer practicing in the Washington, DC Superior Court. We deal with a large volume of jury trials. JuryStar is excellent for its ability to save various trials along with recorded strikes of the parties and court, in addition to the abbreviated ratings of each juror.” -Charles Allen