JuryStar was the only jury selection app featured in the October 2012 issue of The American Lawyer: “Many apps have tried to facilitate the jury selection process—and most would quickly be found guilty of not helping much. But JuryStar bucks the trend with a user interface and features more in line with the way trial attorneys choose a panel.” Get JuryStar today! >


A better way for jury selection using


Trials screen is your home screen.

Game-changing full screen view.

Drag screen left, right, up and down to view remaining seats. Tap to return to split screen.

Load questions screen

Topics and Questions saved in your “Choose Topic” library for easy access in future cases.

Enter cells screen

Display by Juror Number OR number & Last Name. Color code cells: light yellow = default light red = dislike juror light green = like juror

Juror info

window provides easy entry of demographic info for each individual.

Voir Dire screen

where the magic happens! Rate on Topics on a scale of -5 to +5. Ability to rate large groups of jurors with similar ratings simultaneoously. Like/Dislike juror one at a time.

Strike Jurors screen

Undo last strike Unhighlight selection Move cell to switch seats. Ability to easily strike more than one juror at a time, even in full screen mode.


Q1. What is the origin of the name JuryStar?

Mr. Patterson’s daughter’s nickname is “Sweetie Star.” So, if she later needs therapy for any reason, she will have to admit that her dad at least named his app after her. Additionally, the stars have long provided guidance to travelers who can read the constellations. Likewise, a well-constructed voir dire can provide direction to litigators who listen to the jurors’ responses.

Q2. Who was JuryStar designed for?

Lead counsel, trial teams and their support staff.

Q3. Who was JuryStar designed by?

Boyd Patterson, a former Tennessee prosecutor who has tried more than 50 jury trials. See the About page for more background information.

Q4. How much does it cost?

JuryStar is $39.99.

Q5. Is there a discount if my firm buys multiple copies of JuryStar?

Yes. Please contact for a license quote for volume purchases.

Q6. Can I insert voir dire questions from existing documents or emails into JuryStar?

Yes. JuryStar’s utilitarian design allows the insertion of previously typed questions by copy and paste. No need to reinvent the wheel. Questions can also be typed directly into JuryStar. In version 2.0, you are able to save your topics and associated questions in your “Choose Topic” library.

Q7. Will more features be coming to JuryStar for iPad?

Absolutely! As complete as the JuryStar system may be now, there is always room for improvement. Furthermore, the primary goal of Litigator Technology is to promote technology created by litigators for litigators. If you actively litigate cases and have a tech suggestion that really works in actual litigation settings, expect our full attention.

Q8. Do I have to buy JuryStar to take advantage of the Web Jury Consulting service?

No. All of Litigator Technology’s products and services can be used independently. Web Jury Consulting brings the nation’s top jury consultants to every phase of your clients’ cases, from pre-deposition to closing arguments. So, you do not need to own an iPad to benefit from their decades of jury trial experience.