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JuryStar Law Student

Technology has revolutionized the legal landscape and will continue to do so. Law schools that pursue excellence will prepare their graduates for the digital era of law practice by incorporating useful aspects of technology into the curriculum. JuryStar Law Student is the only legal iPad app designed to help law students, and young practitioners, develop best practices in voir dire preparation. Spotting the issues in the trial case and generating lines of questioning to explore potential jurors’ attitudes is a skill that requires both training and practice. JuryStar Law Student was designed with best practices in mind in order to prepare law students to conduct modern voir dire for the paperless courthouses.



On the Trials screen, you can:

– Create and name a trial file (Ex: Smith v Jones) – Select the number of jury box seats – Access previously created trial files


On the Load Questions screen, you can:

Create lines of questioning – Enter your specific questions – Paste questions from prior trial files – Paste questions emailed to your iPad – Reorder lines of questioning and specific questions –


On the Enter Cells screen, you can:

– Enter names and background demographic information for each juror, including pretrial questionnaires, criminal records, etc. – Seat each juror in the jury box – Enter and review notes on unseated individual jurors during the voir dire process – Repopulate jury box with additional jurors, subsequent to initial rounds of deselection


On the Voir Dire screen, you can:

Access every line of questioning entered – Ask questions to group – Highlight affirmative answers – Ask follow-up questions to individual jurors – Assign a value to individual and group juror responses – Enter and review additional notes on each juror – Compare/contrast entire group’s ratings from a single screen, for purposes of deselection – Reorganize juror seating assignments, after multiple jurors have been deselected –


On the Strike Jurors screen, you can:

– Deselect jurors with negative ratings – Document jurors deselected by your opponent – Document jurors removed for cause by the court – View the number of peremptory strikes used by both sides